April 2022

 The month of April flew by quickly in some regards with hard, tiring work for both of us.  Carter and I drove up to Tennessee for the May election.  I stayed and worked nursing homes, early voting and Unaka precinct during the entire month.  Carter drove the Flair back down to FL after 2 weeks there and continued working on the Arc.  The results look pretty darn good!

The first step of the bottom...barrier coat.

We'll be putting the name back on next week.  
Can't wait to see it.

The Flair is waiting to go to it's new home over on the newly purchased property in North Palatka.

March 30, 2022 Update

 The next day (26th) of hard work for Carter.

Beautiful Stern!

Stuff from the engine room / workshop stacked in the cockpit.
He had to find something down there and had to search.

The port side with 1 coat of final paint on the rear quarter section.
If you pay attention, you can see it shine. 

The forward section of the port side with primer and only fairing compound on the bow section.
Same below.

Fairing compound on the starboard side.

Starboard, no fairing compound on the back quarter panel.  Only epoxy.
Bottom picture also.

And then another day... the 30th of March.

Love, loving the stern and can't wait to put the vinyl name back up.

This has been my project.
Scraping paint off of the sun deck.
I'm going to try Carter's paint remover and see if it can get up what's left.  It doesn't want to scrape off that's for sure.
We will cover with Thompsons Water Seal.

It's slow, hard, hot work. {{yea, yea, moan, groan, complain}}

Glancing around the yard.  This is Carter's work area.

And then the boat yard around us.

The spot right next to us was supposed to be filled 2 days ago but the hydraulic line to the breaks on the boat lift broke and they have to wait for replacement part.  That's a shame for those folks.  Delay...

March 25, 2022 Update

  Still just scraping, sanding, and painting away on the Arc.

Absolutely LOVING the stern!
It looks FABULOUS!

Port side rear quarter panel...1st coat of top coat.
I have to say that Carter has done a super job.


Still need to paint the gunnel which will be royal blue, as before. 

Can't wait to get the name back up. 
It will look AWESOME!

Radar is really wishing we could leave the boat yard and get back in the water.
So do we Radar, so do we.

March 23, 2020 Update

  We have really ramped things up lately.  Lots of sanding, washing, fairing compound, and then primer.  No paint yet.  It's a very involved, time consuming process.  We will be concentrating on the port side and stern and then finish up with the starboard side.  I have cut the vinyl for the name on the stern and yesterday, Carter and I designed a new logo for the Arc using Dancing Dolphins.  

Meanwhile, I've been getting opportunities to work in the studio trailer.  I bought myself new boxes for my birthday.  And, I finished the Silk Ribbon Embroidery that I purchased about 2 years ago.  Yea!  It's not perfect, but for my first ever, I think it's pretty good and is going up on the wall in the office as soon as I get home.

March 12, 2022 Update

  We've had several days of serious thunder storms so no outdoor work going on but...that put Carter to completing a couple indoor projects that have been on hold.  First, he installed an LED light above my sitting area.

Next he completed a water filtration project that he has been wanting to do for several years now.  It's great and will save us bunches for not having to purchase bottled water any more!

The plug belongs to an ultraviolet light that also cleanses the water.

Filling the coffee pot from the spigot is totally awesome!

This 2nd mate loves it.

March 10, 2020 Update

  Wow!  It's been almost a month since I've blogged.  I took some pictures of the boat a couple days ago showing the progress.  I will get out again tomorrow morning and take pictures again the scraping is now all complete and we are on to laying on epoxy.  The port side is almost complete and we have just started with epoxy on the starboard.  Carter is also getting geared up to sand the under belly.  Ugh

These are from a couple weeks ago.

And these are from today.

This starboard side does not have epoxy on it yet but sanding is complete.  
Waiting for the rain to go away.

This port side has several layers of epoxy and this picture shows after sanding...awaiting yet another layer of epoxy.  We have been patching gouges with fresh fiberglass as we go along.
It really looks nice and smooth.

The bottom is coming along also.

This side is pretty much ready for paint.

Carter put lots of time and work in this project. 
Can't wait to see the final result and get back in the water.